Coffee on Paper - Art by Sarah Thomas

Welcome to this website . All the paintings that you see on this site have been done by me using coffee and water only.

All coffee lovers can feel proud that Coffee is arty too.

As refreshing as freshly brewed coffee with its aroma, the coffee pigment amazingly lends itself to be a perfect but unique medium of art.

Coffee is a mesmerizing, attractive, appealing and creative medium to shape art. Coffee painting produces perpetual shine & aroma. The uniqueness achieved by coffee painting cannot be delivered by any other medium.

People often ask me " why coffee?" and i ask them... why not coffee? I use coffee instead of any brown paint because I do like the texture , gloss and smell.

Please visit the Gallery to view all my paintings .

How different is it to use coffee to normal watercolour paint as a medium?

The texture of coffee has more elastic properties than normal paint. It is stickier when you apply it with a brush. You have to use the right amount of water to dilute the coffee to get right shades from deep brown to lighter brown or whiter area effect to come in. It is also hard to control the lines, colour tones and the flow of liquid on the paper.

How to own one of these hand made/ customised coffee paintings?

Just mail us at

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Choose from the gallery or mail us a photo you would like to be converted to a coffee painting.

( no portraits please )

Thank you for taking the time to read and please go through the site for the latest.

- Sarah Thomas